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My name is Skylar and I am from Los Angeles, California. Growing up in a major city at the center of America’s entertainment and media industry had its ups and downs. On one hand, Los Angeles residents are the spearhead of change as L.A. sets nation-wide trends and movements. On the other hand, dark undertones of materialistic competitiveness and superficiality infiltrates this motivational space. The celebrity scene on social media focuses on health trends and expensive possessions encouraging unrealistic body expectations and low self-esteem for youth in the area. I often feel self-conscious about my weight and always compare myself to others around me, and I know others do as well.

Too often are people insecure about their appearance. Mainstream media floods the population with unattainable and unrepresentative images sending subliminal messages to all diverse populations screaming “you are not valued!” There is no way for us to change our physical form, nor should we. Additionally, during a global pandemic, we are using our bodies differently than under normal contexts. This feeling of uselessness and hopelessness when our bodies are mostly stationary is frustrating and difficult. People may feel increased body dysmorphia while inactive at home, or, conversely, an essential worker may feel empowered by regaining control of their life. In this portfolio, you will explore the concepts of revolution and H(h)umanities through a discussion of self-worth and body positivity.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at skmcvicar@davidson.edu.


Picture of me at the beach in Palos Verdes, California
Picture of Skylar McVicar at the beach in Palos Verdes, California.

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