Something New: Textual and Non-textual

I am often frustrated by the entertainment and media industry as they only portray one body type and appearance as the model everyone should strive to be. These industries are sending subliminal messages to the majority of readers and viewers who do not look this specific way saying “you are not equal, you are not loved.” Repeatedly receiving this message is exhausting and dehumanizing. Because of this unrealistic beauty and talent standard, most of the population is considered less than human which can negatively impact health and productivity. Staying silent to this discrimination hinders the ability to incite change. So, for my textual and non-textual piece, I am creating a magazine including representation from all body types and ethnicities. Hopefully, this magazine will remind minorities that they are equal and important and inspire others to defy social norms as well.

*The cover image is taken by me. It depicts a Peruvian woman in traditional dress in Ollantayambo. She represents the beauty in the real and unedited.

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